Turkey Day recap and post of practice pics!

OK, looks like my blog break is over!  I have my new camera, although mastering it is the barrier at this time. Practice, right? Any food photography points and critiques would be greatly appreciated!
I’m not really posting recipes this time. This is my ‘practice’ post of my new demo pics. :) Thanks for being my guinne pig post-ees!
Thanksgiving was a success and inspired by many bloggers. The Turkey (named Roxanne by Brian) was all Mr. Mac’s doing. It was s buttermilk brine (unknown recipe source) and smoked on the grill for hours (nice and smokey for the neighbors to enjoy!).  The result was an incredibly most bird with tons of flavor!
Mashed yokon gold mashed potatoes by Alton Brown from the Food Network (high maintenance, wouldn’t do again), crazy insane delicious twice baked potatoe’s. Iowa Girl Eats; Fresh Green Been Casserole and we finished will all of our favorites a cinnamon pumpkin ice cream pie inspired by Taste Of Home.  It was all crazy good, definitely a healthy indulgence!

who is that behind the turkey butt??
pumpkin hummus from Prevention RD
Roxanne after. Thank you for your sacrifice, we are grateful :)   

Baby Mac.

Kitty Mac.

So glad this holiday is over! I LOVE the flavors of fall and embraced this Thanksgiving with 2 open arms in death grip.  Now I am very ready get back to my oats and spinach so look forward to a nice GREEN post next! 

2 thoughts on “Turkey Day recap and post of practice pics!

  1. One of the best holiday meals yet! There is definitely no question as to which is better, processed green bean casserole or FRESH green bean casserole…FRESH wins hands down every time. And what about those twice baked sweet potatoes?!!! OMG….those will have to be made again SOON!!! Scrumptious! Behind which turkey butt??

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